Zoe Dee

Christian is an absolutely fantastic being offering so much skill and creativity when it comes to his art in audio engineering, production, and mixing. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Christian on my EP ‘The Story of My Life’.

Not only does he offer great interpersonal skills but he is very welcoming and has a warm heart. His devotion and motivation kept me inspired even in times of my greatest doubts. His studio offers an extensive variety of fantastic recording equipment! He also, took part in vocals on one of my songs and boy can he ever sing! And on top of that, his guitar solos are ridiculously good!

I am so proud to say that Christian is the mastermind behind my album and I look forward to continue working with him on future projects. Thank you, Zoe Dee :0)

Everett McCoy

First off, the atmosphere of this studio is laid-back. I felt comfortable and in my zone tracking vocals, which can tend to feel like a high-pressure environment but not in this case.

Christian employs the use of top-shelf outboard gear, as well as industry renown mics. Competitive gear is essential to obtaining the best possible recordings and this studio comes well equipped. 

When it comes to music and audio engineering, Christian seems to excel when getting his hands dirty with multiple styles, genres and influences. His friendly attitude and 'get it done' work ethic are great additions to any recording artists team, and refreshing to have on 'that' side of the glass.

I look forward to working with Christian again in the future!

Adriano Muricy

I had the pleasure of finalizing one of my projects at Christian's RIFF STUDIO. I was welcomed by a professional who supplied me with everything I needed to my make me mixes sound as good as possible. Riff Studio's Equipment is top notch from the microphone to the monitors. Microphones by Neumann, Shure, AKG, outboard gear by Lexicon, Avalon, Empirical Labs, you name it. The mixing environment powered with two screens and a pair of Yamaha monitors is just heaven on earth. Christian is a very kind guy, always making an effort to put a smile on his clients' face. Picking his studio is a very cost-effective choice that I can't recommend enough!!