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A graduate of The Audio Recording Academy (TARA), Christian is a very passionate sound engineer and musician. If there is one thing he has learnt from the program is that sound is subjective and tastes vary from person to person. When working with an artist in his studio, his goal is to discover what this artist’s preferences are in sound and music. Christian’s specialty is mainly in the area of rock music but he is flexible and willing to research other kinds of music to meet all preferences. 

By visiting this site, you can read about the state-of-the-art equipment used to record and mix thus allowing you to appreciate the full potential of this recording studio. The studio has a very warm ambiance and the client’s comfort and well-being are crucial to generate quality music. Even though the studio is organized in a limited space, the equipment used is of a very high quality. 

You can listen to Christian's music by clicking on the "Media'' tab. The album was recorded and mixed at the Riff Studio. You can also listen to samples of client music. More samples will be added later.