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The Riff Studio is a brand new recording studio with all up to date, recording/mixing hardware and software. It was built in a small room with Auralex acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusors. It was also created to give artists a feeling of comfort and warmth. The goal? Helping artists let their creativity come out and shine as much as possible. Arrangements can be added at the artist's discretion, such as Guitars, Bass, Keyboard and drum beats using EZ drummer 2

Microphones: Neumann U87, AKG C414 XLS and Shure SM7B
Audio Interfaces: Universal Audio Apollo 16 and Focusrite Saffire pro 40
Compressors: Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor and many high quality plugin based compressors
Reverbs: Lexicon PCM 92 and many high quality plugin based reverbs
Preamps: Avalon Vt 737 sp
Mixing Speakers: Yamaha HS8
Guitars: Schecter, Gibson and MusicMan
Bass: Music Man Stingray5
Keyboard: Korg Krome and many MIDI software plugins
Guitar Amplifiers: Marshall and Mesa Engineering
Drum microphones: Audix DP8
Digital Audio Interface (DAW) Pro Tool 12 and Logic X